Demetris A. Fisher

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Demetris Fisher


AT&T Technician Wireless Network Technician

Web Developer & Graphics Designer

My Personal Bio

Born Feb. 2, 1977

Demetris A. Fisher grew up in "The Hole", one of the rougher project areas of East St. Louis, Illinois. He graduated from East Saint Louis Senior High school in 1995.

Demetris always had an underlying passion for technology, and his imagination would soar with ideas of creating THE NEXT BIG THING! He went on to earn his Bachelor's Degree in electrical engineering from ITT Technical College and Ranken Technical College.

Unable to ignore his desire to delve into the world of technology, Demetris began his journey with a self-taught education in computer maintenance which led to his first business venture, building pc systems.

The desire to dive deeper into our ever changing and always advancing, technological society led Demetris to computer programming. It was here that he discovered his love and fervor for web design. It was out of this idea frenzy, on a mission to create fresh cutting-edge web displays, that Software Touch Inc. was born.

In his spare time Demetris began researching the stories and personal struggles of our often forgotten African American Inventors. What started as a personal journey of self discovery, ended up becoming home to our many unsung Inventors.

Fully invested in his dream, Demetris never tires of cultivating his craft. He hopes that if just one youth is inspired by the creative minds that have paved the way before them, to go after their dream no matter what challenges they may face, then he has indeed created THE NEXT BIG THING!