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Test Your African American Inventor (AAI) Knowledge With This Short Fun 5 Question Quiz.

Maddam Cj Walker
Elijah Mccoy
Andrew Beard
John Lee Love

2. Which inventor was credited for inventing the water gun known as the Super Soaker ?

Alexander Miles
Lonnie Johnson
George Washington Carver
Annie Malone

3. Which inventor was credited for the invention of the Stop Lighting System ?

Garrett A. Morgan
George W. Carver
Oscar E. Brown
Jeffery Nash

4. Which invention was Lewis H. Latimer credited for ?

The Electrical Resistor
Process Of Manufacturing Carbons
Sewing Machine
The Washing Machine

5. Wallace "Wally" Jr. was credited for which of these Yummy Cookies.

Famous Amos Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies